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slimlineslimlineThe new Slimline Series Optical Turnstiles is a revolutionary solution for lobby access control that combines an elegant acrylic design with a turnstile barrier measuring less than seven inches wide. The Slimline Series enables more turnstiles to fit within today’s space-constrained building lobbies, while the programmable LCD display lets organizations customize the points of entry to meet their security needs.

The Slimline Series Optical Turnstiles can monitor traffic flow of up to 30-45 people per minute per lane, and it features next-generation optical-sensing technology for increased accuracy at entry. The turnstile is field-configurable for card-in/card-out or card-in/free-exit operation with no additional programming. It also incorporates tailgate detection capabilities with no nuisance alarms.LCD DisplayLCD Display

Both space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, the Slimline Series is composed of a lightweight yet strong clear acrylic material, offering pedestrians a sense of openness when compared to nontransparent models. Its industry-leading design is so lightweight, in fact, that it consumes significantly less power than other turnstiles—delivering energy savings of up to 75 percent.

The Slimline Series comes with an innovative, programmable LCD display that
enables organizations to provide audible and visual feedback to meet ADA requirements. Audio files can be customized to deliver user-friendly directions, for example, while the LCD display can be modified to include an event logo.

DSI has been providing state-of-the-art security and access control solutions for more than 30 years, and has applied this expertise to designing optical turnstiles with a small footprint. Backed by DSI’s industry-leading reliability and customer service, the Slimline Series Optical Turnstile delivers high-performance security with cost-efficient style.

Slimline Series Color Cut Sheet