Manufacturer Representatives to the Systems Integration Market

Code Blue Demo VanCode Blue Demo Van

Code Blue differentiates itself from all other competitors in the emergency telephone industry by traveling the country with a fleet of fully-equipped demonstration vans.

These vans are outfitted with the latest technology and available to bring the tradeshow to your facility. These mobile trade shows are managed by the Code Blue Regional Sales Managers who are ready and capable to show the product – providing live phone demonstrations in a real world environment. The “traveling” trade show allows a prospective client to touch, feel and interact with the Code Blue product and have all the decision makers view the product in one location at the same time.

The on-site product demonstrations visually communicate the unique benefits and features of each product. These mobile trade shows help to engage consumers in the early stage of the sales cycle when they are starting to collect information and learning about the benefits of an emergency phone. This exhibition also expands the training efforts for the Code Blue manufacturer’s representatives and dealers. It shortens the learning curve and improves the understanding by providing interactive product info/demonstration applications.

This presentation also aids in educating in the correct operation and maintenance of the product, as well. Code Blue units often “sell themselves” as we have found that our existing sites are a main referral for new business. In addition, taking the actual product to the customer’s site for an “up-close and personal” demonstration has been a major sales closer. Many times the customer has identified the need for this type of product and now needs to make the decision on the merits of performance and longevity. Seeing is believing when it comes to Code Blue. We’ve heard time and time again that Code Blue products look bigger, better and more impressive than any brochure could illustrate.

To schedule a Code Blue van demo contact your Regional Sales Manager or call 800-205-7186 and select “Marketing” from the phone menu.