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In light of today’s headline news on mass shootings, please join us for an important webinar about emergency communications using Sielox Class.™

Sielox Class™ - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System – is a patented solution that improves emergency notification and response capabilities, saving time and potentially saving lives. CLASS is a highly effective, scalable and flexible resource to issue alerts and best manage threatening situations. CLASS also enables awareness for other important daily incidents including medical, suspicious person, irate parent, bullying, maintenance and more.

CLASS is the only emergency notification and response solution that can instantly initiate an alert condition, enable communications with first responders, and visually track and report status in real time on a room-by-room basis. During emergency situations, CLASS greatly improves response accuracy and effectiveness, saving time and helping responders prioritize their actions.

Staff, teachers, management or any designated initiator can issue an emergency alert to notify responders of conditions in real time while communicating status via one of eight programmable color-coded conditions. Occupants within the facility can then report status at their specific location enabling responders to view detailed facility maps with compiled room-by-room color-coded conditions that update in real time as the situation evolves. A chat feature enables two-way communications between individuals or groups and first responders to exchange detailed information or instructions. Sielox Class™ can automatically send email or text alerts, pop up instructions or detailed evacuation plans specific to condition or alert level changes.

To learn more visit the Sielox Class page on the Sielox site, or Click Here to read a Case Study on a recent deployment in Arizona. Invite members of your security team and local emergency responders ​ to join us for this important interactive webinar (you’ll be controlling the system on your electronic device) and learn more about this available technology.

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