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AZAA - Arizona Alarm Association


The Arizona Alarm Association is a non-profit organization which is recognized as the association which represents burglar alarm companies in Arizona.

AzAA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of ten people which are elected by the membership. Board members are elected for two year terms and the Board meets approximately ten times per year. There are eight Regular Members (alarm companies) on the Board, one Associate Member (suppliers) and one Public Safety Member (Jurisdiction Employee).

AzAA also has active committees, including the Public Safety and Legislative Committees. The Public Safety Committee is comprised of alarm company representatives and city alarm coordinators who meet quarterly to discuss issues of common interest such as false alarm reduction and local alarm ordinances. All members are encouraged to become involved with the committees.

All security & elecronic systems companies in the state are invited to join AzAA and take advantage of our benefits of membership. In addition to alarm companies, AzAA has an associate member program for suppliers and other persons associated with the industry.

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